Mark Eaton

Mark has a 35-year history in Non-Profit and Ministry efforts. From directing a Wilderness Camping program for delinquent youth, to consulting and mentoring business leaders, to pioneering a regional Men's Ministry in the Northwest, Mark has been on the sharp tip of the arrow most of his life.  He holds a Masters in Global Urban Leadership with a focus on Theology. He is passionate about bringing thoughtful, reflective, honest and practical messages of hope and grace around the country. He is also a contributing writer for Rodeo News. 

Mark, a native of Washington State loves the ocean, jazz and good coffee. He has traveled to Japan, France, England, Egypt, Mexico, Bangladesh, Nepal, Turkey, Ireland, Scotland and Israel giving him a broad cultural and historical background. 

These days Mark travels with his wife, singer storyteller, Susie McEntire. Between them they have 6 children and 12 grandchildren.  Mark is mostly a regular guy seeking to know Christ and live an authentic faith. 

  January 2022  
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